Frequently Asked Questions

1. – When will Mexicali Supply Expo take place? And where?

The 8th edition of the Expo will take please on February 28th, 2019 at Vie Verte Industrial Park, in Mexicali, Baja California from 9AM to 5PM.

2. -Exhibitor profile?

Companies who are related to the industrial and manufacturing sector. Suppliers of raw materials, products or services who support production process directly and indirectly. This event will be an excellent platform for them.

3. – How many exhibitors will participate at Mexicali Supply Expo 2018 edition?

The goal is to have 120 specialized suppliers and 20 Buyer Industry.

4. -What is “Buyer Industry”?

At the Expo there will be a section with manufacturing and assembly Companies who are looking for suppliers to their local facilities. These plants require raw materials and services and will be present with the interest of purchasing for their local operations. These Companies will be grouped in the Buyer Industry Pavilion.

5. – What are the options to exhibit at Mexicali Supply Expo?

For suppliers there is the option of “Regular Exhibitor” with a booth of 3×3 meters. However, if Company is interested in having more presence at the Expo there are Sponsorship opportunities. Reserve your space today!

6. – When can I reserve my booth?
Exhibition organizers recommend reserving today. Even though the show floor design was made to have constant attendee flow throughout the day and in all areas of the show, if Exhibitor wishes to be located in a strategic location only by reserving today they will ensure their chosen spot.

7. – Will there be additional assistance to set-up my booth?

Mexicali Supply Expo Organizing Committee has recommendations to several external service companies who can assist with marketing collateral (brochures, flyers, etc.), audiovisual equipment, models, booth design and decoration. 

8. – Will organizer provide set-up dates, invoice and exhibitor guide, etc.?

To guarantee a successful participation, once Company reserves their participation, Organizing Committee will share all the necessary information pertaining to your booth, set-up dates, and exhibitor guide.

9. – Attendee profile?
Promotion to the expo is directed exclusively to the industrial and business community who has purchasing power within a Company.

10. – How is the event promoted in order to guarantee attendees with the adequate profile?

The promotion is done via specialize databases, personalized invitations by Organizing Committee, sector specific media and alliances with Industry Chambers. Additionally, via Expo’s event registration committee can see who is interested in attending prior to Expo.

Register today and chose your booth!

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